A Look Back At "You & Me"

"Well, as of this month, it has officially been three years since the release of my debut album "You & Me". Hard to believe that that much time has passed! 
Over these past three years I've had the opportunity to open at the Red Robinson Show Theatre, compete in the Top 10 of Youthink Magazine's BC's Best Teen Band Contest for two years running and play over a hundred live shows. It's been quite a ride!

As of this moment, I have a stack of papers filled with music and lyrics sitting on my piano - a far cry from the teenager in the tie-dye shirt who walked into the studio with ten songs to her name when I began my first record. I've definitely grown as an artist and I'm really looking forward to heading back into the studio this year and delving into the making of an album all over again.

Creating "You & Me" was an awesome experience. Humming the melodies of the songs as the session musicians played along on their instruments after hearing the tunes for the first time. Rocking out to the tracks as we listened back while prepping to do harmonies on top of the main vocals. Standing behind the keyboard, waiting to be counted in to play those final chords. The album was really about making a connection. Whether the songs are about love lost or love found, they're all about relationships; with each other and with ourselves."

-HM (2012)

Music-Maker / Piano Bar Entertainer 

Currently sailing out of Sydney, entertaining
folks on the Explorer of the Seas 
 Majesty of the Seas
09/22/17 - 01/24/18

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