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Singer tickled to be one of B.C.'s best teen artists, again | Langley Advance
By Roxanne Hooper

Walnut Grove's Hailey Morgan is among the top 10 in youth contest.

For the second year running, 17-year-old Walnut Grove singer Hailey Morgan is in the top 10.

She's once again made it into the semifinals of the BC's Best Teen Band Contest, and hoping fans will help ensure her a seat in the finals later this month.

Youthink Magazine is once again hosting this contest for young bands and artists, which offers exposure in the music industry and a chance to win more than $15,000 in prizes.

"It feels absolutely awesome to be back in the top 10! It's always great to be recognized as an accomplished artist, especially in such a talented music scene as the one we have here in B.C.," Morgan told the Langley Advance.

"Winning the contest would be fantastic, and holding the title of BC's Best Teen Artist 2012 would be pretty amazing, as well," she said.

"I've been itching to get back into the studio and first prize would definitely help me get another album made," she said.

The pop and indie singer/songwriter released her debut album, You & Me, last summer.

Voting for the top three takes place everyday at http://bandcontest.youthink.ca until Feb. 20, and Morgan is hoping her fans will log on and cast their votes - repeatedly.

"I would love for all of Langley to check out my music and get behind me in this contest."

As a finalist, she qualified to participate in a workshop with the other top 10 artists and bands, including fellow Langleyites Derrival.


Red letter day for young Langley singer | Langley Times
By Brenda Anderson

For Langley’s Hailey Morgan, the Canada Day weekend will have a bit of an international flair this year.

The 16-year-old singer-songwriter has been invited to be the opening act for well-known Hong Kong artist Kenneth Choi, at the Red Robinson Show Theatre on Saturday, July 2.

Also a DJ, television host and an actor, Choi is bringing his 2011 World Concert Tour to the Coquitlam show lounge.

For Choi, it’s one more stop on a global circuit.

But here in B.C., Hailey is still a young artist working to make a name for herself in the pop music industry, by performing at as many local events as she can.

Recently, that included the Father’s Day Bloom Market in Fort Langley and the Langley Community Farmers Market on the grounds of Kwantlen Polytechnic University’s Langley campus (see photo, page 16).

For the past several years, the teenager has been building her resumé, performing four or five shows a month, whether that’s singing the national anthem at the Cloverdale Rodeo or stepping onto festival stages around the Lower Mainland.

Each performance includes her own, original songs as well as cover versions of artists who inspire her, including Sara Bareilles and Arcade Fire.

As well as sing, the home-schooled teen accompanies herself on the piano when she performs live.

“I’m just trying to get my name out there,” she said.

Yes, it’s been hard work, but if genetics are any indication, Hailey was always destined for the stage.

Both her parents are musicians, who operated a performing arts school while she was growing up.

As a little girl, that meant she was learning to sing, dance and act by the time she turned five.

At eight, she wrote her first song, ‘Come to my party.’

No, the lyrics weren’t particularly deep, and there was no complicated subtext for listeners to work out, she laughed, but it was a start.

These days, her songwriting skills having markedly improved, the young artist is getting noticed outside the Langleys.

She recently earned a top 10 spot in Youthink Magazine’s B.C.’s Best Teen Band Contest and between writing new songs and finishing her last year of school, she plays shows weekly at venues all over the Lower Mainland.

She is also currently promoting her debut record You & Me.

The July 2 Red Robinson Theatre concert marks the next step for the young performer.

“I love making music and going into the studio to lay down songs, but nothing compares to playing them live, so I’m pretty stoked to be sharing my music with that big a crowd,” she said.

For more about Hailey and upcoming show dates, visit her website at www.haileymorganonline.com.


Vancouver’s Hailey Morgan to Play Red Robinson Show Theatre | Youthink Magazine

Kenneth Choi 2011 World Concert Tour features Hailey Morgan.

On July 2, Vancouver teen Hailey Morgan will hit the Red Robinson Show Theatre as special guest performer for award-winning singer/sonwriter Kenneth Choi. Hailey is already making a name for herself throughout BC with her debut release, You & Me. Most recently, she was a top 10 finalist in Youthink’s 2011 Best Teen Band contest. Don’t miss a spectacular performance by Vancouver’s rising star!

What: Kenneth Choi featuring special guest Hailey Morgan

When: Saturday, July 2, 2011 at 8 pm

Where: Red Robinson Show Theatre, Coquitlam BC

Check out haileymorganonline.com for more on Hailey Morgan. Go to Ticketmaster for tickets and ticket information.


Singer makes top 10 BC bands | Langley Advance
By Roxanne Hooper

Hailey Morgan is hoping Langley residents will go online and vote.

Langley's own singer and songwriter Hailey Morgan has been chosen as one of the Top 10 in the BC's Best Teen Band Contest.

"I'm super stoked to be a part of the competition, and as the only contestant from Langley I feel proud to be representing the City and Township," Hailey told the Langley Advance.

Describing the experience as amazing, the 16-year-old Walnut Grove musician was uncertain how far she would go in the competition as a solo artist. But earlier this month she got an email: "I had actually made it into the top 10 from over 50 entries across B.C... I'm stoked."

Now, it's up to fans to speak up in the online voting stage of the competition (http://bandcontest.youthink.ca/HaileyMorganRok) to decide the top three finalists.

"I'd love to get all of Langley voting for me," Hailey said, noting the deadline is Feb. 7. Musicians with the most votes compete in the finals at Tom Lee Music Hall in Vancouver April 30.

"There aren't that many opportunities for teen musicians out there, which is what really makes Youthink Magazine's BC's Best Teen Band competition so unique," Hailey explained.


"You & Me"

Hailey Morgan: You & Me | Youthink Magazine
by Lucy Cui

Local songstress sets her sights on the big stage.

Releasing her debut album at the ripe old age of 16, Langley, BC indie pop-rocker Hailey Morgan is proving that she is talented beyond her years. You & Me is comprised of a mix of energetic rock songs and emotional ballads, showing off both her youthful exuberance and incredible vocal range. The hauntingly soulful We Were Meant For Each Other tugs at the heartstrings while anthems such as Let Go and Trapped Inside Your Love will get you up on your feet. Listeners get the sense that Morgan's sound will continue to evolve as she matures, but the CD is nonetheless a great soundtrack commemorating the coming-of-age of a young artist. A top 10 finalist in the Youthink BC's Best Teen Band Contest 2011, Hailey Morgan is one to watch.

Hailey's fave track: Let Go


Hailey Morgan - "You & Me" | The Ripple Effect
by Old School

“I love to see a young girl go out and grab the world by the lapels. Life's a bitch. You've got to go out and kick ass." - Maya Angelou

What were you doing when you were fifteen years old? When I was fifteen I was listening to lectures about the birds and bees in Coach Seixas’ Sex Education class, playing Little League baseball and preparing to take my driving test for a learner’s permit. Hailey Morgan, on the other hand, was recording her first professional debut album You & Me.

When I first heard the CD I figured this was an incredibly good twenty-something pop rocker. Then I saw the promotional materials. This is one driven lady with an incredible voice ready to kick butt. Her voice is powerful and racked with emotion. I was floored when I realized she was 15. Before I read about her I thought that she had probably paid her dues in whiskey joints and two bit dance halls honing her craft through hard knocks and extensive backwater touring. However, the truth is young Miss Morgan has been singing and performing since she was three. You or your kids (if you have any) have probably heard her even if you have never heard of her. She has appeared in TV commercials for Cap’n Crunch cereal and Lysol cleaning products and in many independent short films.

Her debut album is a combination of driving rock and modern mellifluous piano ballads. She chose her producers well - Larry Anschell, who has produced Sum 41, Nickelback, Sarah McLachlan and Allison Crowe, and Rob Begg, who has produced Ron Irving and White Wolf, and played bass for The Knack, Tom Petty and Berlin. Incredibly, Miss Morgan has written all of the songs herself and they are good - damn good. Think Sarah McLachlan meets Kelly Clarkson with an edginess neither McLachlan nor Clarkson can match. Hailey’s parents are both professional musicians and I suppose this helps explain her amazing talents at such a young age.

Here is a a quick overview of what you will hear on the CD. I suggest, however, that this is an artist that you must experience for yourself. So go to her website at http://www.haileymorganonline.com/ and take a listen. The entire album is streamed there for free.

The first track, “Let Go,” will have you up and pounding your feet to a driving pop rock melody doubled with amazingly accurate harmony. Track two, “Walkin’ Down This Road,” is a slow, mournful piano ballad that allows Morgan to put her vocal range on display. The third track, the album’s namesake, “You & Me,” is a pop rock tune that builds into a rock anthem. The next song, “I Guess I Was Wrong,” is a soulful, melancholy piano ballad that contains a powerful angry break and a self-loathing ending. “How Does It Feel” is another rock ballad. It has a harder edge with more angst than “I Guess I Was Wrong,” but, contains much of same texture and rhythm. Track six, “Trapped Inside Your Love,” is a wonderful rocker that creates a complete tapestry of musical textures from electronica to thumping boogie. “Broken Hearted” is a piano ballad that made me think of a cross between a harder-edged Karla Bonoff and Melissa Etheridge. The song “We Were Meant For Each Other” is a well written mournful pop tune that will wrap around you and bring you back to the days of your first love - it is a beautiful “coming of age” love song. Track nine, “Move On,” is another piano ballad. This one provides an interesting insight into this young teenage girl. It seems to be about her feelings as she comes of age. The final song is “Pour On Me” a pop rock anthem accompanied by a bit of slightly distorted guitar and orchestral strings and also reflects the changes Miss Morgan is experiencing as she grows into a woman.

If this is what she can do with a debut I can’t wait to hear what she writes and sings as she gets older. This is a young artist to watch. Hell, most girls her age are playing with nail polish and writing texts to their BFF about the “OMG cute boy in their English class.” Not Miss Morgan. She is 15 going on 26.